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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finally... Another [Nuzlocke] Post!

Hey losers! I finally got a chance to write a new post. This whole 'coming into college to use the internet' is not what I wanna be doing for the rest of the year. WE NEED INTERNETS IN MY HOUSE. NAO! But now that I'm here and writing, I'll just get on with it.

So it's been a LONG time since I said anything about my Nuzlocke challenge in Pokémon Firered. Lots to catch up on!! I'll start with my battle with Erika. That seems logical as the last time, I left you dripping wet with anticipation of how the battle went.

I started off by sending out Flash first seeing as anything Erika would throw at me would be destroyed by Sleep Powder and Dream Eater. Of course, I was correct...

Not A Sweat Was Broken, Nor A Fuck Given

Next, Tangela came out and so Sonic took the floor. One Wing Attack shattered little Tangela. Oh well. This really was an uneventful fight. Until Vileplume arrived onto the battle field. So I threw Cynder into the ring to finish the battle off. Funny enough, Ember wasn't strong enough to take out Vileplume in one hit so Cynder sustained a hit from Stun Spore. But a second blast from Ember sent Vileplume crawling back where she came from. My reward for this pathetic battle was 2900 Pokédollars, TM19 Giga Drain and the Rainbow Badge. With the Rainbow Badge, Mimien will finally obey me properly in battle ^_^

Once Erike was beaten, I decided to take on Fuschia City so that I could find the Move Deleter. Cynder needed to lose Cut and Penny needed to lose Flash. They had to go, they were holding me back! Unfortunately, it's been a while since I played Pokémon so once I strolled towards Cycling Road, I bumped into Snorlax blocking the way. FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! So yeah, that plan was scrapped. Instead, I doubled back and took on the Rockets in the Game Corner.

Very straight forward really... faint a few Pokémon, kick a few asses, pick up a few items, spin wildly on movement panels that would cause most people to vomit... et cetera. Nothing spectacular to see under the Game Corner. These Rockets are just annoying little buggers more than anything. Expecially with Koffing threatening to Selfdestruct at any moment and killing your Pokémon. Which is BAD in a Nuzlocke Challenge. Luckily, that didn't happen to me ^_^ And once all the little cretins were out of the way, it was time to take on the big man - Giovanni. The start of the battle was a breeze! However, once Kangaskhan came out... the shit really hit the fan! I sent out Twister to fight this battle. Two Secret Powers did just enough damage to remove over two-thirds of the enemies health. But after my second one hit, Kangaskhan hit back HARD with a critical hit Mega Punch... which... well...



Yes... Twister bit the dust.. That's two Pokémon dead now. Suckish!! Once Giovanna was defeated and there were no more casualties after Twister, I picked up my Silph Scope as my prize and left. Lucky for me, I had a spare Pidgey in the PC. Well actually I have more than one spare! It was Saorview's time to shine. This is a Lvl 3 Pidgey [which I caught really early in the game]. It took a bit of training but eventually, Saorview became stronger and faster until it reached level 34 to join my other party Pokémon and out-perform Twister. It was at this time that I took on Lavender Tower.

Battling my Rival Cillian was probably easier than some of the Rockets I faced in the Game Corner. With such a huge level advantage, I thrashed my rival when I entered the first floor of Lavender Tower. I proceeded upwards to the topmost floor. In my travels, I caught myself a Gastly. What sucks is that I can never get a Gengar because I can't trade from an emulator... :( Ah well.. After a few battles against the ghostly trainers in the tower, I came to face the Ghost.

That's Not A Pokémon!

Yes. A Ghost. The Silph Scope reveals this ghost to be nothing more than the poor Marowak that was killed by Team Rocket. Unfortunately you can't catch this Pokémon as it's a ghost... but once you kill it, it lays to rest. Seems kinda weird. Surely you'd thing it'd be angered or something? Following the traumatic experience of having to battle a ghost, 3 more Rocket's stood in my way. They are so annoying!!! After a few minutes of licking ass.. I mean, kicking ass, I found Mr. Fuji. After taking me to his home [and butt raping me several times], he passed on his Pokéflute. It was now time to wake that Snorlax and find that Move Deleter!

Don't you just hate it when you go to do something and in order to do that, you have to overcome some obstacle. And that obstacle requires further time and energy because you must go and complete another task first... and eventually you get so pissed off because you find yourself fixing your car so you can drive to the store to pick up some lubricating oil to lossen the joints of the ladder you want to use to reach your toolbox which contains the screwdriver you need to open the back of the TV remote so you can change the batteries in order to watch your favourite TV show. That's exactly how I felt after Erika's gym battle when I wanted to get to the Move Deleter...

I was finally ready to go. And then thought, "Hold on now... When I go to the Move Deleter, Cynder and Penny will be short on a move" and that led me to buy TM45 Attract for Penny. While in that train of thought, I ventured just north of that sleeping Snorlax on Route 16 in order to grab HM2 Fly. On my way there, I passed a guy...

I Came Through The Back Door... DUH

Alarm bells rang in my head. He's definitely talking about some kind of sex.. It's obvious! Sorry.. sex in my head... BACK TO POKÉMON! I grabbed HM2, battled Snorlax, caught Snorlax, nicknamed Snorlax (Lax. Creative, yes I know!), cycled down Cycling Road while avoiding trainers and I FINALLY reached Fuschia City *phew*

The Move Deleter got rid of those pesky HM moves I no longer wanted. I then taught Penny Attract. I went back onto Cycling Road to catch up on those battles I avoided. This was then I made such a silly mistake... Cynder grew to level 36 and started to evolve. I paused the emulator and pondered my predicament. Should I let him evolve and learn Wing Attack but daley the learning of other moves later on? Or should I not let Cynder evolve and miss out on Wing Attack? After a few minutes, I made my decision and I got myself a shiny new Charizard ^_^ Which then learned Wing Attack. After that, I went off and deleted Wing Attack and made him learn Fly. What the hell was I doing? I could have stayed with a Charmeleon for another while longer. Sure I was gonna teach Charizard Fly anyway... so why did I do it asap? Silly Kieran... :S Now it'll take Cynder more experience to grow levels...

And there we go. That's where I stopped playing and started college. Now I can play on and do more cool things ^_^  I must upload a picture of my party actually... Next post sure :D Until then, Happy Pokémon-ing!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Triumph Of The Human Spirit

June saw the beginning of the summer holidays for Lisa Turner. With the sun splitting the rocks everyday and a light breeze blowing, it's the ideal weather for summer. The chirping of the birds outside the bedroom window slowly wakes Lisa from her sleep state. With no school to worry about, Lisa's mind was cleared from the stress and pressure of academic life. But... she had enough to worry about over the forthcoming debs. Rising from her slumber, Lisa combs her golden blonde hair and prepares for the day to come. The smell of sausages from the kitchen spiced up her morning. Lisa made her way down to the kitchen, dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt... her usual attire. Munching on a slice of toast and sipping orange juice, her mind races as thoughts are juggled. Such a lovely girl, such a confusing life... but no-one can see the hidden side of her life.
"It's nobody's business!", she thinks.

"I'm going out, Mam", Lisa shouts up the stairs, "I'll be over at Jenny's house. Bye Dad. Thanks for breakfast".
Walking proudly out the gate, she smiles happily at the great weather. The sun is the lightbulb in the sky that removes all darkness from the physical world. In the suburbs of Limerick City, neighbouring dogs bark in conversation and cats perch on walls like statues.
"Hey Jenny", Lisa calls, "How're ya this mornin'?".
"Oh the same as usual, just my happy little self! And you?"
"I'm good except I'm nervous about the debs", Lisa replies. Even though Lisa's normal outfit is an old pair of blue jeans and a snazzy t-shirt, she does look the picture of beauty in a dress. But she much prefers being the tomboy because she's very strong and capable. Also, her boyfriend Tim loves having a girl who can stand on her own two feet.
"I don't know if I can go through with this, Jenny. Tim and I... the debs... things are getting too serious".

Discussion isn't Lisa's strong point and she doesn't like telling people her problems. Jenny has always found this as one of Lisa's flaws.
"Tell me what's wrong. I want to help you", Jenny says with a comforting look on her face. Lisa's silence is maddening. Suddenly, Lisa's mobile phone rings. The tune of Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl rings out to quench the awkward silence.
"Oh that's Katy Perry's new song. It's becoming such a hit!", explains Lisa before answering the phone.
"Hey babe", says Tim, "Where are you right now?"
"I'm just going to the park with Jenny. It's great weather isn't it?", Lisa replies. Confusion fills Jenny's head as she hears Lisa's conversation with Tim. Why is she so calm and collected now? She was sulking a moment ago over Tim and the debs. There was tension in the air... But why was the question. What was going on?

"Bye! See ya later, hun", concludes Tim. Lisa's face returns to a sulk. Walking along the grass in the park, the two girls are attempting a conversation. The sun creeps behind a cloud in the sky and the park becomes hidden in a shadow. Screaming children are racing on the grass fighting over a football. For some strange reason, Jenny shiver's. Something's not right.
"Lisa? Something feels odd. I don't know what it is.", whispers Jenny.
"Jenny... I have to tell you what's going on...", explains Lisa, "It's between Tim and I".
"I know, you told me something isn't right between you. Spit it out. You are never this quiet normally!".
"I have to break up with Tim", Lisa cries, "I have to. I can't do it anymore". Jenny's face cracks from a smile to a gasp. The world stands still as if time has stopped. All that can be heard is one of the little boys saying 'Ha! I got the ball. I always get what I want'.

Lisa's face erupts in tears, and falls into her hands.
"Stop it Lisa! Put your hands down and look at me! Tell me why you need to break up". Lisa's crying stops after a few minutes and the girls decide to go back to Jenny's house. Silence stands between the two friends all the way home, Jenny still absorbing shock and Lisa holding her head down. Sunlight peeked through a cloud bringing a pinch of light into the world. What a summer this was going to be... Starting with the break up of the perfect couple!

Jenny's bedroom door slams bringing Lisa back into reality, after a journey through her muddled mind.
"I don't understand this. Why would you want to break up with Tim? Ye are so perfect together and he is so hot too!", says Jenny.
"Tim isn't the problem... It's me", replies Lisa.
"Oh for God sake Lisa, you'll look perfect in a debs dress. Don't worry about the debs... Tim still loves you and he always will", Jenny says while trying to console Lisa.
"No that's not it... I... I...", stutters Lisa. Jenny moves in closer to Lisa to try and hear her quiet words. Then Jenny's world is turned upside-down. Out of the blue, in her own bedroom, Lisa starts to kiss Jenny. Dumbfounded at what is happening, Jenny is paralysed with shock. How could this be happening?

With her heart beating wildly, Jenny, in a confused state, opens her eyes slowly wishing it was all a bad dream. Staring back at her, Lisa smiles and holds her hand.
"I wanted to do that for so long. You don't know how hard it's been on me keeping this in for so long", says Lisa. Still recovering from shock, Jenny jumped off the bed and pushed Lisa away from her.
"What the hell is going on? You're not a lesbian! You're dating Tim! What the... I mean... I don't know". Lisa stood up slowly, with her smile fading away.
"Tim... he's nice and all... But I've never felt a connection... There's no spark. I've never felt a spark... Until just now.", answers Lisa.
"But... I don't... I'm not like you... Just get out. Leave now!", roars Jenny. Lisa's spirit collapses. Her world is destroyed at the sound of those words. All that she could bring to words is,
"But I love you".

The front door of Jenny's house slams after Jenny storms out. Where she's going is a mystery. Jenny's mother is ignorant of the whole situation until she sees Jenny run out of the door. Lisa's cries flood the house,
"Jenny come back! I'm sorry!". In a fit of panic, Jenny's mother runs to Lisa to find out what all the commotion is. The tension in the house could be cut with a knife. Before Jenny's mother could say anything, Lisa has wriggled past and she flees the scene in tears. The friendship of Lisa and Jenny is in peril and near collapse.

'I kissed a girl and I liked it' are the words that sing out when Lisa's phone rings. It's Tim. Lisa can't deal with this... There's too much pressure.
"Tim... I can't talk now... I need to find Jenny... Bye", this is all Lisa says to her beloved boyfriend. With no sign of Jenny on the street, it's going to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. How is Lisa going to find Jenny before Jenny gets to Tim? The roads become busier as it is nearing lunch time. The city is becoming crowded with people chattering and weaving in and out between each other. The day returns to it's former glory and the sky is beaming. As luck would have it, distressed Lisa catches a glimpse of Jenny across the road as she is just turning a corner.
"Jenny!", Lisa screams as she runs across the road. Just as Jenny turns to see where Lisa's cry comes from, her hands grasp her mouth in terror as she sees an oncoming car... With Lisa in it's path.
"Lisa! Look out!", Jenny bawls at the top of her lungs. But it was too late.

A screeching of tyres, the beeping of a horn, and the sound of impact... and Lisa lays on the road. Blood pours from her head and with Lisa's last bit of strength, she looks towards Jenny. Her eyes then close forever. The city street stands still. People gasp and cry after witnessing what just happened. Cries of lament are screamed out, the loudest of which comes from a devastated Jenny.

Several days pass and the funeral of Lisa Turner is extremely hard to handle. Tim is in pieces and heartbroken at what happened. Jenny keeps quiet during the days that pass. She is too distressed to say anything to anyone. The body of her friend lays in a coffin at the altar of the church. It is covered in amazing flowers and cards reading 'We will miss you'. On seeing the lifeless body of Lisa, Jenny whispers,
"I love you too".

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Screw The Pound, I Have Euros!

Ah the Irish soil.. The Irish air. The Irish euro! And let's not forget the Irish weather! Always reliable ^_^ And I must say, the best weather I've had all summer is the Irish weather that we've had this week. It's so good to be back :D

My week at home has been busy so far with many more busy days ahead. But it's going to be amazing! Being back in Cork with all my friends. Drinking every night, having random, unprotected YOLO sex, sure why the fuck not? :D

So I arrived in Cork on Wednesday and eventually found my house thanks to Patrick's brilliant directions. And my GOD what an amazing house it is. We will have so much fun this year :D And we're only 7 minutes from campus which is great ^_^ Because I got down to Cork kinda late, and I was still tired from the day of travelling the day before, I was not in the mood to go out. Especially since I had Peer Support Training the next morning at half 9 >.< But I was guilted into at least visiting my classmates and good friends, Michael and Saoirse, seeing as I hadn't seen them in months. So I grabbed Cillian and took him with me (with an evil plan of convincing him to come out with us... Because I started persuading myself to go out once Michael asked me to call over).

This was the perfect time to spring Michael's birthday surprise on him. Once I got the house, Saoirse made this very emotional, drunken, "I love you" speech as an intro for my gift. And that's when I presented Michael with his vinyl of Madonna's album True Blue. I saw it when I was in London two months ago and I couldn't leave it behind me ^_^

Michael Got No Poster With His :(

So Michael was delighted with that. Saoirse was as excited as he was. She decided it looked better in her apartment and that it should stay there for the year :D So the next thing I know, I was presented with a bottle of Bud. Cody gave it to me coz apparently he owed me a drink. I didn't complain :D By this stage, Cillian was still reluctant on going out. And out of nowhere, Chloe came in the door. Most random thing ever coz nobody unlocked the door for her to come in and I don't think she even knew Saoirse! Anyway... turns out she lived next door so I went for a visit to see her house. And this is where the night REALLY started...

I met some familiar faces such as Katie and Sophie and a new face, Máire. Máire (I think. It could have been Kaite) was brandishing a hair straightener. So that's when Máire came at me and straightened my hair. Because I had such long hair and it was kinda curly, I looked really different with straight hair... So sexy and attractive and... japanese... that we managed to FINALLY convince Cillian to come out with us ^_^ And so the night began. Here's me with straight hair...

Straight Hair FTW

That's Chloe (left) and Máire (right
... obviously). Sexy girls B) Oh as you can see... I have the 8 Kanto Gym badges on my shirt! Remember years and decades ago I blogged about them? Here's the post I mentioned them in >>> Dirty Jokes!. So yes, once I got some monies for working in England, I went off and bought them. And my god are they SEXY! Aaron, if you're reading this... this is what I wanted to show you ^_^ If you're not reading this before you see them... well.. Then no harm done :D These badges are SOOOO cool! Coz everyone knows what they are... everyone who's anyone does anyway. Even my Mom loves them ^_^

Pre-drinking is the best fun! The rest of the night was the usual... buying drinks, doing shots, dancing like idiots, taking photos like animals, grabbing boobs and dancin' with bitches. Typical night out ^_^ Oh it was so good to be back. And guess what? Cillian enjoyed his night out ^_^ We all did!

The following day went a lot better than we expected considering the little sleep we got and the excess alcohol consumption. Peer Support training was a massive orgy of fun. Plus getting a free t-shirt is always a bonus. The training day is in preparation of the orientation day tours which we will be helping out at. I'm doing 7 days so it'll be tiring but great fun. Hopefully we have the weather to keep up. I love this time of year - getting back to college, meeting all my friends, planning loads of stuff to do in the year. I'm going to miss college when I leave in two years time.

Hopefully, we'll get internet sorted in my house and I'll have internet access without having to go to campus. And when we have that up, blogging will be so much easier. Also, for those who are keeping up with my Nuzlocke Challenge, I've another post on the way to fill you in on everything since my battle with Erika. So I'll leave it there guys and gals. Come back soon ^_^

Monday, 3 September 2012

Behold, The 9th Week Is Over

The 9th week is over.... THE 9TH WEEK IS OVER!!! THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!

Yes, my summer of work is over. From here, it seemed so short but my GOD did it take ages. And I missed so much at home. My cousin's wedding, my other cousin's first steps, the kittens we found are now all grown up, my birthday party, my Nana's birthday, my parent's wedding anniversary... The list is endless! But now I look forward to catching up on all of those things. Seeing photos from the wedding, cuddling the kittens, visiting my Nana, walking with my baby cousin... It's gonna be great to be home ^_^

I have this image in my head... Tomorrow night when my flight is due in, my Mom, dad and brother all waiting for me to come through  the "Arrivals" door at Shannon Airport. They won't recognize me. With my new shirt, long hair and overflowing bags! Not to mention all the money I've earned :D I CAN'T WAIT TO BE HOME!!!

Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on my bedroom and packing the last few things. I have a wash on at the moment so once that's done and those clothes are packed away, I only have my laptop, a few toiletries and my money to put away. Then it's ready for road at half ten in the morning :D

Last night we were given our tips. SUCH as good night we had! Before tips were handed out, we got pizza from Dominos. I RAPED that pizza. When we attacked the pizza boxes, I had 4 slices of pepperoni devoured before most people were finished their first slice of pizza. I tend to get competitive when it comes to food despite my massive dislike for most foods. Oh I was so happy with that pizza. And everyone knew it too! ^_^ But the funniest part of the night... was the cum cap and cum goggles... An inside joke that was turned into something bigger and funnier :D There's not much to explain (mainly coz I don't know anything else) but one guy gave Laura a swimming cap and a pair of goggles. And soon everyone was calling it a Cum Cap ^_^ So I'll leave that to your imagination :D Sorry Laura, but I had to XD 

Cum Cap... Cum Goggles... Cum Slut...

So what did I do in these 9 weeks when I wasn't working? Well most of the time the weather was shit. When I did get out, I went to Barnstaple town a few times. I saw The Dark Knight Rises and Brave. I bought some new clothes and books. I went to the beach and found a cuttlefish bone which I'm gonna bring home for my budgie to whittle his beak on :D That reminds me... I didn't get gifts for anyone at home. CRAP! Must think of a plan. I know! Pic'n'mix at the airport. Sorted ^_^

Jeez my posts are getting boring... And now for the bad news!
Since college is starting up soon, I won't have much time for blogging. I'll try to keep it up as much as I can though. And with loads more things that I'm involved in this coming year, I'll have so much more to blog about. So there's the good news for you :D

Oh, one more thing... the thing I'm most excited about is a package I ordered a few weeks ago. It arrived at my home in Ireland and I can't wait to stick my teeth into it :D You shall soon see what I ordered and I expect many, MANY green faces ^_^

(Green with envy obviously, not because it'll gross you out)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

League Of Legends

Has anyone heard of League Of Legends? Well you should have heard of it because it's awesome :D Here's the link to the website: It's free to play so give it a go ^_^ You have to download it though. And you've to make an account. But after those two things - you're ready to play.

It was a workmate of mine who told me about this game. I didn't bother looking it up before downloading - I just got stuck right in. And boy, was that trouble. It was difficult to start. I had NO idea what I was doing. The tutorial levels are good but it's not until you try a few games on your own that you really get the hang of the game. There are so many different ways to play it too! Because there are loads of characters to choose from. Teemo is my favourite ^_^ Here's a tutorial video for how to play as him...

He's so cute as well XD

He's A Vicious Monster

Teemo is a ranged fighter who specializes in poisons. His poison darts infect the enemy and they take magic damage every second. He can also lay mushroom bomb which are pretty cool! Have a look at the video above if you haven't already. For anyone who has played the game or still plays it now, add me ^_^ My username is elitebibi :D I do like using this little guy but I must try out some other characters too because I'm sure I'll find others that I like.

Last night I spent a few hours playing this game. Yes, it's really addictive! And each game you play can last anywhere between 15 and 50 minutes depending on the number of players and how good you are. I made two friends last night - dragonvm and kadimara - and we played a few games together. We OWNED the place! I had loads of fun ^_^

Hopefully I'll write a bit more about this game because it really is awesome. It does take up a lot of time, but that's what procrastination is for :D

On a side note - I had my very first Pot Noodle today. Why did it take me so long to try one? I'm so weird..

So yes... em... add me on League Of Legends and we can play a few games together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am XD